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Jul 5, 2016

BYD is Changing the Industry with Their New Electric Forklifts

Change is coming to the way we charge and run our electric forklifts.

The flat plate lead-acid battery has dominated the electric forklift power supply for over 60 years. Lead-acid battery technology hasn’t changed much in that time. Each battery still provides roughly 5 hours of run time, when paired with a conventional high-frequency charger.

After over 37 years in the industry, and 27 years in business, I think we’ve come to an important intersection in the future of electric forklifts. It’s called BYD.

The BYD team has built an electric forklift that can run 2-3 shifts at a time. It has a 10-year battery warranty and needs no battery maintenance. None! Zero!

What is BYD?

Build Your Dreams (BYD) started in 1995 as a manufacturer of cellphone batteries. Today it has grown to a 180,000-employee company. Its manufacturing has expanded into making electric buses, automobiles...and now forklifts.

Modeled off European designs, BYD's line of forklifts cover the 3-wheel and 5,000-6,000 lb. 4-wheel electric markets. They use the same motors and controllers found in the industry’s top electric forklifts.

But nobody else can match BYD on run time. Having cornered the market on iron phosphate, BYD is the first forklift manufacturer to use a built-in lithium iron phosphate battery.


The BYD ROI – Zero-Maintenance Batteries

By eliminating the need to water, provide ventilation, or change battery cells, the BYD forklift gives us an ROI unseen in the material handling industry. We’re talking zero maintenance.

How? Electric forklift batteries are big heavy boxes full of harsh chemicals and harmful gases. They need special disposal procedures to drain off the acids and remove the heavy metals. Otherwise the batteries will contaminate the environment for centuries! Right?

Not anymore.

  • BYD batteries are much smaller, and contain no corrosive acids.
  • No harmful gases are emitted at any time.
  • There are no heavy metals inside to poison plants & animals.
  • The batteries are so environmentally-friendly that you could just take one out and throw it in the dumpster!

We at Cromer and Gray Lift would like to know: If we can provide an electric forklift that gives your business a better uptime/utility than any other forklift, AND is environmentally-friendly, is that enough to consider a look at BYD’s products?

Curious? Schedule a Demo with Cromer

Cromer is the ONLY dealer with BYD electrics in Northern and Central California. We spent years negotiating with BYD to finally bring these fantastic forklifts to all of you!

Interested? We’ll provide you with information on BYD and arrange a demo. What we have is a forklift that will change how you look at electrics.

To schedule a BYD demo or request information, please call Cromer Headquarters at (800) 974-5438.

Until next month!

Marshall Cromer, The Forklift Boss
Cromer Material Handling Deal of the Month


BC27Ready to try out an industry-changing BYD electric forklift? Here’s your chance.

For our June Deal of the Month, we’re doing a lease option on two BYD forklifts: the ECB18 and the ECB27.

The ECB18 is a three-wheeler, with a 3,500-lb. capacity. The ECB27 is a 6,000 lb. capacity, and carries the Food and Beverage spec. Both trucks are 80-volt with dual motors and a 5-year, 9,000-hour warranty.

If you use a 6,000-lb. electric with single double, you’ll increase productivity 30-50%!

Use them indoors or outdoors. Both models are rated IP54 – enclosed against dirt, dust, and splashing water.

BYD will have 17 more models in the next two years. Try one out now and get ahead of the curve.

Lease the ECB18 for $618/month with 2,500 hours a year. Lease the ECB27 for $792/month with 2,500 hours a year.

To get your hands on one, call Cromer at 800-974-5438 and ask for the BYD Lease. We only have a couple of these, so don’t wait!