Warehouse Rack and Industrial Shelving - Build Fast, Build Strong

Build out your warehouse fast with rack & shelving from Warehouse Systems. We stock new and used rack in every Cromer facility, tested and ready for assembly. You'll find everything you need to store small goods, pallets, and even large-scale product.

Warehouse Systems ships rack and shelving hardware all throughout California and Nevada. Not sure what type of shelving you need? We'll help you source the proper type and size. Make your warehouse project turnkey by leveraging our team's knowledge and experience.

Warehouse Rack

Warehouse Systems Selective Rack


Store and pull any pallet from anywhere on these racks! 100% SKU accessibility for lightweight and heavyweight materials.

Push-Back Pallet Rack


Push back pallet rack systems offer similar storage density as drive-in pallet rack, with the advantage of more selective stacking. It also makes accessibility easy for a wide range of SKUs.

Pallet Flow & Carton Flow Rack from Warehouse Systems


Move pallets and cartons across racks fast, with Pallet Flow and/or Carton Flow rack. The flow system makes First-In-First-Out (FIFO) product inventory management automatic.

Pallet Rack


Used in freezer, cooler, and high-density applications, Warehouse Systems stocks drive-in/drive-thru pallet rack from Nucor (formerly Hannibal).

All Nucor rack exceeds RMI safety requirements. It's ideal for the highest-density storage needs, letting operators store pallets multiple positions deep.

Cantilever Rack


Ideal for storage of long, bulky product such as lumber, piping, carpet rolls, etc. Warehouse Systems stocks Cantilever Rack for multiple sizes. If we don't have the size you require at the location you visit, we'll truck it in from one of the other locations.



Pick Module Storage Rack Systems optimize product flow using pallet and carton flow racks through a storage rack system to expedite the order-fulfillment process.


Boltless Shelving

Pacific Compression Steel Shelving

Boltless Industrial Shelving

While we offer all of Western Pacific's industrial shelving solutions, the RiveTier boltless shelving system is the most popular. The boltless connections make it quick and easy to assemble and take down, but its sturdy construction makes it very durable and capable of handling your loads.

Pacific Compression Steel Shelving

Pacific Compression Shelving

Pacific compression clipped steel shelving is the most versatile shelving system on the market! Always-expandable construction and corrosion-resistant galvanized steel make this a perfect pick for bulky or packaged products of all types. Warehouse Systems carries new and used steel shelving - and it always sells fast!

Warehouse Shelving Systems & Storage

Ideal for: Small parts storage, automotive parts, records storage, medical supplies, industrial parts, consumer goods storage, and more!

Boltless/Rivet Shelving

Clip-Style Shelving

Deluxe Multi-Level Shelving System

Industrial Lockers

Boltless/Rivet Shelving from Warehouse Systems

Freestanding and expandable. Great for box and bin stacking, as well as general industrial storage.

Clip-Style Shelving

Clip-Style Shelving from Warehouse Systems

High-grade steel shelving, capable of adding storage in long rows or small spaces.

Deluxe Multi-Level Shelving System

Multilevel Shelving System

Use a shelving system that grows with you! Start with a single level and expand upward to two-level, three-level or deckover as you need.

Industrial Lockers

Industrial Lockers

We stock and sell new and used lockers for warehouse organization. Traditional steel lockers have many uses, in every part of the warehouse. Call if you need locker storage of any kind.

Rack Service & Repair

Need rack installed or repaired? The Warehouse Systems team has you taken care of.

Rack Installation

Rack Repair

Rack Maintenance

Rack Installation from Warehouse Systems

Time to build out the warehouse? One call and it’s done. Our team puts up the new rack, secures it in line and to the floor, runs a full stability test, and your team has the extra stacking pace they need.

Rack Repair

Rack Repair from Warehouse Systems

Bends/cracks in rack need quick action to prevent accidents. Keep safety first by contacting Warehouse Systems when you spot one. Our team has rack technicians and welders certified for repairs of all rack types.

Rack Maintenance

Rack Maintenance Service from Warehouse Systems

Rack maintenance acts like forklift maintenance – a little regular work to prevent serious problems from happening.