Dock Equipment for Sale. Service & Repair for Dock Components. Dock Safety Equipment. All at Warehouse Systems.

Keeping loading docks safe & in good working order means safe workers and satisfied orders. Stuck doors or damaged dock equipment hurt productivity and compromise worker safety.

The choice is obvious, isn’t it?

When it's time for dock service or replacement, call Warehouse Systems. Our team performs all dock and door service, throughout California and Nevada:

  • Sales & Installation of Warehouse Dock Equipment, Truck Restraints, Seals, and Shelters
  • Service & Repair for Your Loading Docks, Dock Equipment, and other Warehouse Equipment
  • Preventative Maintenance


Every loading dock has many components involved in its operation. Plates, ramps, bumpers, seals, etc. Even dock lights play a big role in the day-to-day.

When those components wear out, it's time to call Warehouse Systems. You’ll find all the dock equipment you'll need with us. Warehouse Systems sources from several dock equipment makers, including McGuire, Bluff, Kelley, Pioneer, and others.

Our technicians put your team’s safety as Priority 1. Whether it’s building in a new dock, or servicing an existing one, we make it safe for long-term use.

Dock Levelers

Air-Powered Leveler

Air-Powered Levelers

  • Low-maintenance leveler
  • Low up-front cost
  • Operates with compressed air
  • 2 types available: CentraAir (uses same technology as air-ride suspension), and MA Series (air bag precisely positions and stabilizes leveler
Hydraulic Leveler

Hydraulic Levelers

  • Push-button activation
  • Ideal for mid- to high-cycle facilities
  • Hydraulic piston has built-in fail-safe if pressure lost
Mechanical Leveler

Mechanical Levelers

  • Easy pull-chain activation
  • Spring assembly keeps levelers stable top to bottom
  • No power needed

Dock Equipment & Safety Elements

Dock Seals & Shelters

Edge of Dock

Dock Lights

Truck Restraints

Dock Seals and Shelters
  • Preserves environment between trailer and warehouse
  • Pads the dock exterior to avoid damage
  • All pads vented for air release to compress
  • Keeps contaminants out

Edge of Dock

Edge of Dock
  • Protect the dock, the trailers, and the workers
  • McGuire product provides two bumper blocks and a mechanical leveler at the base of the dock
  • No-bending application

Dock Lights

Dock Lights
  • Keep forklift operators safe at dockside
  • Simple, clear lights identifying the dock
  • Red light – don’t enter trailer
  • Green light – enter trailer
  • Assists with trailer inspections & loading productivity

Truck Restraints

Truck Restraints
  • Locks trailers in place for safe load/unload
  • Prevents truck pull-away & truck creep
  • Automatic and manual options
  • Uses LED lights to display status

Dock Service & Repair

Docks need service like all other warehouse equipment. When employees report problems, call us for service & repair. Our service techs have over 50 years of experience servicing docks of all types.

  • Installations
    • Full installations available
    • A WS team expert will advise on the best equipment for your warehouse’s setup
    • All it takes is one call
  • Maintenance
    • Dock Cleaning
    • Safety Inspections on:
      • Dock Lights – All bulbs intact & operating at peak?
      • Locks & Restraints – All working properly?
      • Leveler Weldments and Operations – Is the dock structurally sound & operating within factory specs?
      • Environmental Safety – Are seals, shelters, and temperature barriers doing their jobs?
    • Seal Repair/Replacements
    • Leveler Service
  • Repair
    • Our fully-equipped Mobile Repair Trucks bring trained technicians, tools, welders, lubricants, and parts to your facility.

Get Your Dock and Door Equipment & Service with Warehouse Systems