The Cromer Service Department

  • 40 Active Road Mechanics mobile and ready to help
  • All 6 branches have assigned service technicians & road mechanics
  • Guaranteed 4-hour response time to your service call
  • Service on-site, or at your nearest Cromer facility
  • Saturday emergency service
  • Free inspection and estimates
  • Planned Maintenance agreements
  • Complete material handling repair, including forklifts, manlifts, balers, compactors, dock equipment

Keep Your Forklifts in Top Operating Condition

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Planned Forklift Maintenance Services

Get the longest life out of your forklift at the lowest cost. Cromer provides service for companies with a single forklift, or entire forklift fleets that need multi-year service contracts.

Minor Planned Maintenance

Major Interval Service

Fleet Maintenance

Recommended for every 150-200 hours of forklift operation. All forklift types covered and done on-site at your location.
Over 40 tests & checks run on each forklift
  • Visual Inspections
  • Mechanical Inspections
  • Cleaning & Lubrication
  • Operational Tests
  • Steam Clean & More!

Major Interval Service

Recommended for every 2,000 hours of forklift operation. Covers all forklift types. 3-day turnaround, rentals available.
Over 100 check point inspection per forklift
  • Electrical System Diagnostic
  • Cooling Systems Flush
  • Mast Chain & Fork Inspection
  • Ignition System Tune Up & More!
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Fleet Maintenance

If you have over 6 forklifts in your fleet, a Fleet Maintenance Contract will provide reliability with lower service costs over time.
Over 40 tests & checks run on each fleet forklift
  • Fleet Audit for Scheduling
  • Service Area Organization
  • Complete Forklift Inspection
  • Operational Tests
  • All Forklift Types
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The best way to keep your forklifts running smoothly is to schedule Planned Maintenance year-round. Cromer makes it easy—just call us & ask about a Planned Maintenance Agreement. You'll get great rates on maintenance, a plan customized to how many forklifts you operate, and peace of mind that the Cromer service techs are on the job.

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