You'll always find the best in material handling equipment at your local Cromer for moving product around, moving people around, and supporting warehouse operations every day & night. From pallet jacks to manlifts, Cromer has you covered.

Personnel Carriers

Need to move more than just pallets through your warehouse or yard? Cromer Material Handling carries Motrec brand Personnel and Burden Carriers.

Motrec carriers have top-of-the-line features, so you can transport personnel, guests, and cargo efficiently and safely.

Motrec E-480 Carrier

Motrec E-12 Carrier

Motrec E-480 Personnel Carrier

The Motrec E-480 can carry eight people on four 44" wide seat rows. Capacity reaches 16 people with a tram trailer.

Motrec E-12 Carrier

Motrec E-12 Personnel Carrier

The Motrec E-12's compact design allows it to fit in tight corners all around your busy warehouse. It features durable steel construction and a loading platform for a range of applications. Travels at 7mph.

Burden Carriers

Cromer specializes in Motrec's 2- and 4-passenger flat-bed electric burden carriers.

Motrec E-500 Carrier

Motrec E-266 Carrier

Motrec E-500 Burden Carrier

This is the E500, a staple carrier for quick deliveries. Drives like a car, carries like a truck, all electric.

Motrec E-266 Carrier

Motrec E-266 Burden Carrier

The E-266 features dual front tires and a 60 inch long deck to ensure the stability required to handle your loads safely. A 36-volt battery provides 50% more running time to last a full shift, and prevent battery damage caused by running batteries too low.

Pallet Jacks

Sometimes simple is all you need, and our manual pallet jacks simply get the job done. Also known as Pallet Trucks and Walkie Jacks.

CAT Pallet Jacks

Linde Electric Pallet Jacks

Doosan Hand Pallet Jacks

Cat Pallet Jacks

These CAT pallet jacks are hard to keep in stock—everyone wants them! With a load capacity of 5,500 lbs, it serves everywhere from the store aisles to the warehouse dock. Large polyurethane wheels give them long life and improved stability. The pallet jack rolls quietly and doesn't scratch up floors.

Linde Electric Pallet Jacks

Linde Electric Pallet Jacks

A rugged all-day worker, with load capacities up to 4,400lbs. These jacks use fiberglass-reinforced materials and a low chassis to guard against accidents or breakdowns. This also covers the wheels, so they don't catch debris...or a worker's shoe. Safety first!

Doosan Hand Pallet Jacks

Doosan Pallet Jacks

Ideal for most material handling needs. Load capacity of 5,500lbs. Totally enclosed bearings guard against failure from dust and prolongs service life. Pivot mounted large polyurethane wheels keep it stable on uneven surfaces. 202° steer handle arc enables easy maneuvering of pallet truck in confined areas.

Lift Tables

Southworth Lift Tables

Think of how many times a worker has to bend down, turn, lift, turn, set a box down, and repeat. One ergonomic lift table not only cuts down on all that motion, it can speed up pallet loading and unloading time by 40%.

By lifting boxes or pallets up to a worker’s waist level, lift tables eliminate the need to bend over repeatedly while stacking product. Lifting a group of boxes up to waist-height may not seem like much, but it can save a worker’s back.

Cromer stocks a full line of Southworth lift tables—the most durable & reliable brand in the world.