Make the Most of Your Warehouse "Cube"

Make the most of every square inch in your warehouse. Warehouse Systems is your full-service material handling and storage solution provider. We help you lay out, implement, and test your warehouse space front-to-back.

How much more efficient could you make your “cube” with fully-optimized layouts & equipment? Let’s find out.

Professional Warehouse Design

Opening a new facility? Moving? Make the transition easier and safer.

We provide the necessary materials to equip the warehouse, and design the layout for maximum safe & productive use.

One call to Warehouse Systems and you get all 3 design advantages at once:

  • Productive design & layout work
  • Safety at every level
  • Cost Savings from start to finish

Elements of a Productive Warehouse Design

Warehouse Layout:

Start with a visual. Visuals are critical to identify transport paths, maximum storage capacity, cold storage locations, entry/exit, charging locations, etc.

Our team uses state-of-the-art CAD software to map out the best possible layout in 3D.

Elements Warehouse Systems Considers:

Factor your lift truck size into warehouse designs!

If your lift trucks can’t safely navigate through & around your warehouse, its design fails. Avoid that by balancing rack space & equipment capabilities in the design. For example, reach trucks need a minimum 9 ft. aisle width

Plan for reach trucks to stock the top racks.

Use Very Narrow Aisle trucks to navigate every aisle easily (and safely).

Safety Points:

  • Blind intersections
  • Cold storage entry & exits
  • Corners
  • Door spaces
  • Intersections
  • Rack spacing


Once you have the layout designed, it’s time for build-out!

Warehouse Systems has everything you’d need: Docks, doors, rack & shelving, balers/compactors, visibility guides, etc.

Plus the team to install them. All of them.

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