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Nov 28, 2018

California Wants to Help You Replace Your Old Forklifts

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) wants to take 90% off your next electric forklift.

Have you heard of the Carl Moyer Program? It's a state-funded grant for improving air quality in the Bay Area, by replacing old high-polluting "off-road equipment." That includes backhoes, excavators…and forklifts.

Carl Moyer Forklift Replacement

If you need to replace any older forklifts, or want to move to electrics in 2019, this grant will save you a ton.

How the Carl Moyer Grant Works

The Carl Moyer Program began in June of this year. With a grant, you can:

  • Install VDECS (Verified Diesel Emission Control Systems) on your current equipment's engines.
  • Replace older engines on your current equipment with newer emission-certified engines.
  • Replace older equipment like forklifts with newer, cleaner/zero-emission equipment.
  • Install fueling or charging infrastructure.

In other words, you buy an electric forklift to replace an old LPG, and the grant covers 90% of the purchase price!

There are stipulations of course:

  • You must operate within the BAAQMD's jurisdiction. This includes all Bay Area counties, including parts of Solano and Sonoma counties.
  • If you operate in these cities, you have priority in the grant application process:
    • Concord
    • Richmond/San Pablo
    • Western Alameda County
    • San Jose
    • Livermore
    • Eastern San Francisco
    • Vallejo
    • San Rafael
    • Antioch/Pittsburg
  • You must have at least 3 years until (air quality) regulation compliance, or you're exempt from regulation.
  • The new equipment must serve the same function as the old equipment.
  • Site inspections must take place to verify the equipment prior to grant award, and after you take delivery of the new equipment.
  • You must work with a BAAQMD-approved dealer. Cromer Material Handling is an approved dealer.

We have two forklift brands that meet Carl Moyer Program requirements: Jungheinrich and BYD. You've seen me talk about BYD in this newsletter before. Their electric forklifts are zero-emission. They outperform most LPG trucks. They're perfect for this grant.

BYD Factory in China
I went to the BYD factory in China this month. Impressive facility!

Replace Your Old Forklifts with Electrics with a State Grant

Grant funding is first-come, first-served. Application details & forms are on the BAAQMD's Carl Moyer page. Further program details on CARB's Carl Moyer page as well.

The Cromer team is happy to help you fill out the application, meet requirements, and arrange for your new electric forklift purchase.

This grant program does NOT end on December 31. It's an annual program. Once the grant funds are spent, they're gone until the next year.

When it's time to move to electrics, the Carl Moyer Program helps you start.

Until next month!

Marshall Cromer, The Forklift Boss
Cromer Material Handling

VIDEO - Forklift Driver Causes Entire Warehouse to Crash Like Dominoes

Improper rack setup + Forklift Accident = Devastation!
(Wait for it.)

Originally posted at:

Don't let this sort of accident happen in your facility. Schedule safety training courses for your operators now!

Deal of the Month


BYD Motorized Pallet TruckStep up from a pallet jack to a BYD electric!

This is a BYD P20JW Motorized Pallet Truck. It has a 4,500 lb capacity, a 24” load center, and runs off a 24 Volt battery.

The safety rating on this truck is off the chart. No heat. No gassing. Super-stable. Zero maintenance. 24-hour performance with "whenever" charging.

See for yourself! Lease a BYD P20JW for just $111.50/month for 48 months.

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