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Mar 3, 2014

Continuing to Expand: Cromer Doubles its Sacramento Location's Size

Last month we told you about moving our Stockton location to a new, much bigger facility in nearby Manteca.

Now it's Sacramento's turn.

On March 1, Cromer Material Handling moves its Sacramento location down the street. The new facility is double the size of the old one.

It moves us from Sacramento to West Sacramento, though.

It's on 3939 West Capitol Avenue, Suite A. Same area. Still close to 80. Very easy to find.

Why another move so soon? We needed the space here too!

Our Central Valley operations continue to grow. The busy season for rentals is coming up fast. Plus we just expanded our inventory with a mass purchase of industrial shelving.

MORE FOR OUR CUSTOMERS - More Shelving & Electric Forklifts in Stock, Rentals and Repairs

With the new Manteca facility and the expanded Sacramento facility, Cromer has plenty of additional room for more inventory! Here's a sampling of what's in stock at our new Central Valley facilities.


There's a lot of warehousing in the Central Valley. Which means an ever-present need for reliable, expandable rack & shelving. Cromer just acquired the following warehouse rack and industrial shelving, in order to fully stock the new locations.

10' x 44" Uprights
10 Foot Uprights for Industrial Shelving

106" 6,000-lb Beams
Shelving Beams

New 42" x 46" Wire Deck

Wire Decking for Commercial Storage

Used Boltless Shelving (with wood):
7' high, 48" x 36"

Boltless Shelving for Warehouse or Commercial

Heavy-duty Metal Shelving:
7' high, 36" x 18"

(Boltless Shelving also comes in:
7' high, 36" x 36"
7' high, 48" x 24")

ELECTRIC FORKLIFTS:jungheinrichreach_electricnarrowaisle

Have you tried an electric forklift out yet? These trucks are constantly surprising our customers. The last few times someone returned one of the electric Jungheinrich rentals, they didn't actually want to give it back!

So we made sure both Sacramento and Manteca have 80-volt electrics in stock, for sale and rent. Hey, give the customers what they want, right?


More space means more room for forklift maintenance. We anticipate being able to handle 50% more in-house maintenance work in Sacramento and Manteca.

Whether you need to rent forklifts near Stockton or buy a new set of rack in Sac, we have the inventory to make it happen. Not to mention up-to-date, comfortable offices to welcome you.

Drop by after the 1st and have a look at the new space! Cromer Sacramento is now located at:

3939 West Capitol Avenue, Suite A
West Sacramento, California 95691

See you next month!

Marshall Cromer, The Forklift Boss
Cromer Material Handling

Have You Seen the New Cromer Video?

We've posted a brand-new video about Cromer Material Handling on our home page for 2014.vidscreenshot

We wanted the video to provide an overview of Cromer's service and products, so people would know exactly who we are and what we do.

Plus it was a fun way to kick off our 25th year of business!

Visit and click the Play button. Want to leave some feedback? Tweet it to me at @TheForkliftBoss.

And be sure to send the video to your colleagues afterward!

Cromer Deal of the Month


The industrial shelving I mentioned earlier? It's all on sale for your Deal of the Month.Shelving Beams

10' x 44" Uprights - $65

106" 6,000-lb Beams - $25 each

New 42" x 46" Wire Deck - only $15.95 each

Used Boltless Shelving (with wood): 7' high, 48 x 36" - $75

  • 7' high, 36 x 36" - $70
  • 7' high, 48 x 24" - $65

Heavy-duty Metal Shelving: 7' high, 36" x 18" - $65

Call Cromer at 800-974-5438 to ask about the shelving on sale. We'll have it ready at your nearest Cromer facility.