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Jun 28, 2024

Cover Peak Ag "Wild Cards" with Short-Term Forklift Rentals

Peak Ag Season should go smoothly. You know exactly what’s needed to organize & execute harvests. But they almost never do, do they?

Wild cards always pop up. They could come from the equipment used for harvesting, packing, cooling/storage, and shipping. Or they could come from factors we don’t control.

Are you prepared for wild cards? Cromer is, and we’re here to help.

The Wild Cards Affecting Agriculture

For the most part, every farmer and packing house know what they need based on the knowledge of their operation.

The question is, which wild card will show up?

  1. Shifts in weather
  2. Crop failures
  3. Invasive species
  4. New acreage (unknown yield results)
  5. Replanting (enough time?)
  6. Fallow fields (will the others compensate?)

Depending on one or more of these wild cards, Ag Season either becomes a chopped-up schedule, or a strain on all equipment & people.

This is where Short-Term Equipment Rentals benefit everyone:

  • Activate equipment when the need arises
  • No contract required
  • All maintenance, repairs and tires included
  • Late-model equipment
  • GPS tracking on all equipment
  • Rates based on utilization
  • 100% Uptime
  • Turn off rent at any time
  • Attachments available for rent too (single-doubles, bin dumpers)

If you rent from Cromer, of course.

Basically, short term rental reduces the amount of equipment leased/purchased. It allows equipment requirements to be flattened and streamline, reducing equipment expenses during the offseason.

At Cromer, we maintain a rental fleet that is less 3 years old. Each unit has low hours and stays well-maintained. As a top tier Bobcat dealer in the USA, we want to put our equipment in your operation at the best price possible.

Our goal is to reduce your equipment layout all year, with a Short-Term Rental partnership.

Short-Term Rentals Cover Peak Ag Seasons – Meaning Better Harvests

California is lucky enough to have the most productive topsoil and growing environment in the world. We are 1 of 5 places in the world with a Mediterranean climate, which allows us to grow just about anything. Couple that with the most productive topsoil in the world you have the most efficient growing region on the planet.

Let’s make Harvest as efficient as possible too.

Until next month!

-The Cromer Team
Cromer Material Handling