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Sep 24, 2018

Cromer Welcomes Lift Truck Service to the Family

The Cromer family has grown again. This month we acquired Lift Truck Service, Inc. in Tracy.

Just like our Gray Lift acquisition in 2016, we made this move as a benefit both to Lift Truck Service's customers and to our own. Let me give you the story.

In 1990, Greg Radonich founded Lift Truck Service in Hayward, California. In 2001, Greg decided to move his 15-employee company out to Tracy. The whole time, they focused on one forklift brand: Linde.

The Lift Truck Service team earned a great reputation as Linde forklift dealers and technicians. You need a lot of practice & skill to service Linde forklifts well…and that's exactly what Lift Truck Service has done since they opened.

The Lift Truck Service team followed a simple motto: "SERVICE IS EVERYTHING." With Linde forklifts, that really does mean everything.

Lift Truck Service - Cromer Company

The Linde Forklift Brand

Linde is a global premium brand, and a leader in forklift technology. Their hydrostatic drives can last much longer than a typical forklift transmission. Linde forklifts can go 20,000 hours easily…almost twice the lifetime ROI of other forklift brands.

Linde forklifts are durable and efficient. Because of the hydrostatic pump, you can move a Linde forklift back and forth, over & over, and the shift won't stick. Even better, the hydrostatic drive saves on fuel! You're looking at an average 40% lifetime fuel savings with a Linde.

These forklifts also sell internationally, under the Baoli brand name. You'll find Baoli forklifts all over Europe, the Americas, and Asian markets.

Why Cromer Acquired Lift Truck Service

The Lift Truck Service team has everything you'd ever want for Linde sales & service: 30 years of experience maintaining Linde forklifts, a thorough &professional parts department, a strong history of customer service, and an outstanding group of dedicated employees.

As 2018 dawned, Greg thought about expanding the options available to Lift Truck Service's customers. He wanted to find someone with similar values. A way to build on his company's success.

Enter "The Forklift Boss." When I approached Greg, I brought a plan for continuing Lift Truck Service's growth as part of the Cromer family. We surveyed the company's assets, spoke at length with the team, and made the acquisition official earlier this month. As of September 2018, Lift Truck Service is now a Cromer Company!

How You Benefit from Lift Truck Service Joining Cromer Material Handling

Now you know why we've made this move. Let's talk about the most important point: How you, our customer, benefits from Cromer acquiring Lift Truck Service.

If you're a current Lift Truck Service customer, you now have:

  • Access to all the Cromer forklift brands (BYD, Caterpillar, Donkey, Doosan, Jungheinrich, Kalmar, Princeton, and Sellick).With all that selection, our customers can always get the right forklift for the right job.
  • A much larger service resource with 80 experienced mechanics, 12 parts specialists (over 300 years of combined experience!), and 15 sales professionals. All ready to serve every Cromer and Lift Truck Service location.
  • One complete resource for industrial batteries & chargers, forklift tires, safety training, forklift rentals when you need them, and much more.
  • Access to Warehouse Systems products: Shelving/Warehouse Rack, Industrial Dock and Door (including speed doors and bug doors), Dock Seals, and installations/service for these products.

If you're a current Cromer customer, you now have:

  • Linde forklifts available for purchase. We've added Linde to the Cromer sales inventory, expanding our forklift brand count to 9!
    • We'll add Linde forklifts to our rental fleet once we've moved those forklifts to appropriate Cromer locations.
  • THE best service resource in Northern California for any Linde forklifts in your fleet.
  • A parts resource for multiple brands, in addition to Linde forklift parts & tires.

Doing More for Our Customers, Together

We now can take care of Lift Truck Service customers to DO IT ALL!

I said before that the Lift Truck Service team motto was, "SERVICE IS EVERYTHING." That will never change. The Cromer companies are all about solid, long-term customer service.

Welcome to the family, Lift Truck Service team! Together, we're changing the material handling industry in Northern/Central California.

To you, the Lift Truck Service customers, I say this. Cromer is here to serve you too. We'll all continue to bring you the best material handling products to help you get the job done, better.

Join us! Stop by and sign up for our newsletter, "News from the Forklift Boss."

Until next month!

Marshall Cromer, The Forklift Boss
Cromer Material Handling

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