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Nov 28, 2023

Doosan Changes to Bobcat - How Do Cromer Customers Benefit?

Next year, one of the world’s biggest forklift brands will change its name. What does this mean for you then? It means a step up on parts & service.

How does a name change do that? Here’s how.

Doosan Change to Bobcat Opens Up More Resources to Cromer Service Teams

In 2024, Doosan Industrial Vehicles will change its name & brand to Bobcat. All Doosan forklifts will become Bobcat forklifts.

Doosan is Becoming Bobcat

You might have questions.

  • “Does this mean Doosans are going away?” Only the name. The Bobcat facilities will continue to produce the reliable forklifts you’ve known as Doosans.
  • “Will this invalidate my service contracts?” No, contracts stay the same.
  • “Will my team need to learn a new control set?” No, the new Bobcat forklifts will still use the familiar Doosan controls.

Bottom line – the branding changes, but the forklift quality stays the same.

Bobcat’s rebrand affects more than the exterior of a forklift though. It means all Bobcat forklift buyers – and Doosan forklift owners – gain access to Bobcat’s entire product portfolio.

Including its parts inventory. Including its service partnerships.

Parts Now Bobcat-Sponsored for Greater Availability

As one of the world’s most recognizable equipment brands, Bobcat has an enormous parts network, with a number of distribution points across the U.S.

The rebranding allows Doosan-friendly dealers & service departments access to that network for forklift parts. Which means Cromer can call on a much bigger parts library for repairs!

With a larger distribution network, parts can make it to our techs faster. We anticipate shorter shipping times on more forklift parts.

That translates to improved repair times for your forklifts, so your team gets back on the floor fast.

Service: More Training, More Solutions

Bobcat's training programs are some of the strongest in the industry. They have to be, with how common Bobcat equipment is across the world. People have to operate & service that equipment safely, all day, every day.

With the rebranding, Bobcat will make some of their training resources available to formerly-Doosan service departments. Like Cromer's Training Team and our Service Techs.

We're already planning out new training regimens for the team going into next year. Access to a suite of industry-leading training tools, making Cromer forklift service even better? We'll take it!

Cromer’s forklift training classes will include any Bobcat-specific operation changes. We don’t expect major changes; operators shouldn’t have any trouble with Bobcat (formerly Doosan) forklifts.

The Cromer Team is Ready to Show You Bobcat’s Advantages

The Bobcat rebranding will take effect January 2024. The Cromer parts & service teams can show you exactly where & how the new parts/service resources will benefit your company. Contact your Cromer rep to find out.

Until next month!

-The Cromer Team
Cromer Material Handling

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