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Dec 31, 2013

EPRI Case Study: Cromer Helps a Building Products Manufacturer Go Electric

People are planning for the holidays, and for what their business will do in 2014. If you have forklifts which need maintenance or replacement, here’s something you should read.

It’s a case study published by EPRI, the Electric Power Research Institute, just 3 weeks ago:
Electric Forklift Conversion Transforms Building Products Manufacturer - EPRI

It shows the direct benefits of replacing LPG forklifts with electrics – more productivity, a smoother ride for workers, much lower fueling costs.

And Cromer helped make it possible.

A Case Study of CEMCO’s Conversion from LPG Lift Trucks to Electrics

The case study is about a company named CEMCO. CEMCO manufactures building products like steel framing. Their Pittsburg, CA facility needed to replace 8 forklifts in the past 2 years.

They initially wanted to buy new LPG models. But research on costs brought electrics under consideration. Caterpillar 80-volt electric trucks, specifically. That’s when we stepped in to help.

Good Prices and a Guarantee: How Cromer Helped CEMCO Go Electric

The biggest obstacle people have to buying electric forklifts is the upfront cost. It’s higher than most LPG models, which makes some hesitant.

We believed the electrics would save them a lot of money (over $400,000 over 5 years of operation) and improve their facility’s productivity. We were so confident, we offered them a 90-day guarantee on the new electric forklifts:
If they didn’t like the trucks, we would exchange for LPG models.

As you’ll read in the case study…CEMCO never took advantage of our guarantee. Not only did they save on propane costs, they’ll reduce carbon emissions by 1.7 million pounds over 5 years.

Once they realized the benefits and cost savings, they rushed to buy more forklifts!

Lower Fuel Costs and Fewer Carbon Emissions: This Can Be Your Facility Too

So if you’ve thought about using electric forklifts, this case study gives you a roadmap and plenty of good reasons. The new 80-volts give you two shifts per battery charge. Maintenance is cheaper, and they’re just as hard-working as the LPGs.

Curious about how electric forklifts operate? The EPRI case study has a primer on electric charging technology for trucks. Download the PDF at the EPRI website.

And if you’d like an estimate of your own cost savings, use the EPRI Electric Conversion Calculator on Gas vs. Electric Cost Comparison Calculator

We at Cromer Material Handling wish all of our readers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Have a safe and happy holiday.

Then join us back here for 2014!

Marshall Cromer, The Forklift Boss
Cromer Material Handling

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