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Nov 29, 2017

Financial Benefits to Going Green on Your Forklifts

A few years ago, “going green” meant you spent a little extra money on “green” products. In return, you got to feel good about helping preserve the environment.

It’s still a noble goal today, but now “going green” doesn’t have to cost more. In fact, it can save you money at the same time . . . even on material handling equipment!

It’s true. I’ll show you.

Go Electric, Save on Total ROI

Saving on green equipment comes down to total ROI. We all know a forklift’s up-front price isn’t the total cost you pay for the equipment. There’s also fuel & maintenance costs over time.

It’s here that a green electric forklift provides a huge ROI boost. Yes, I’m talking about the BYD electric forklifts again. And I’ve got numbers to back me up.

These numbers come from industry testing and operator reports. BYD tested a standard propane forklift against one of their electrics. They used a 5-year operating term, with 2,500 annual hours of operation.

While the BYD forklift costs more up front, as you’ll see, it costs far less to fuel & maintain:

BYD vs Propane 5-Year 01

From my own experience, the numbers add up. BYD forklifts are long-term cost-savers.

Want to see more? Let’s look at operating costs over time.

BYD vs Propane 5-Year 02

This is a summary of operating costs & savings. It compares 20 propane forklifts to 20 BYD electrics over a 5-year term. The same annual hours and maintenance estimates apply.

Look at the investment payback. 3.17 years. You make your investment back in just over 3 years, save over $100,000 on fuel, and cut maintenance costs by as much as 50%. Those are huge savings!

More reasons why the BYD forklifts are “Too Great to Ignore.”

Congratulatory Spot – Thermo Fisher Scientific

Congratulations to Thermo Fisher Scientific of Fremont on their new BYD forklift!

BYD Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific develops biotech & medical products. They employ 65,000 people, and took in $18 billion in revenue last year. They’re a huge player with huge material handling needs.

Transporting these products requires incredible care—what you and I would consider a minor bump while operating a forklift, could destroy thousands of dollars’ worth of product. The BYD will give them the stability they need, as well as long operating times.

But what really sold them was the fact that it’s a fully “Green” forklift. They’re trying to make their own facilities as clean & sustainable as possible. I worked this deal myself, because I wanted them to see how passionate we are for the BYDs.

Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Website

Move from an LPG Forklift to an Electric. Save Money AND Go Green.

I’m happy to demo a BYD electric at your request. They’re a big step forward for our industry, the environment, and your balance sheet. We’ve actually reached a point where industrial businesses can “go green” and save money at the same time.

Want to see one in action? Just call your local Cromer office and ask about the BYDs.

Until next month!

Marshall Cromer, The Forklift Boss
Cromer Material Handling

Section 179 Reminder

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Hauling loads in these is a breeze. Each has a Nissan 2.5L engine, 5,000# capacity, with oil-cooled disc brakes, and tires with 30% more rubber than competitor trucks. Best of all, since they’re brand new, they come with a 2-year Doosan warranty.

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