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Dec 20, 2013

Forklift Driver Engulfed in Flames - An Avoidable Accident

Last month, posted an article about a forklift driver in Mentor, OH. He was transporting propane tanks using a forklift. One of the tanks fell off the forks...and he ran right over it.

The entire truck burst into flames.

Video from the surveillance cameras shows a sudden fireball engulfing the forklift. Fortunately, the driver is seen walking out of the flames to safety. He suffered only minor burns to his face and hands.

A very lucky man. But the accident was entirely preventable.

The article indicates that the propane tanks were not properly tied down. Improperly secured propane tanks - especially when full - are extremely dangerous!

We at Cromer are glad the driver was okay. At the same time, let this serve as a lesson to all our readers and customers. Never transport fuel tanks, or any other potentially-explosive items without proper safety procedures.

Read the article (includes the video of the accident) here: Man Escapes Propane Tank Explosion After Catching on Fire