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Jan 28, 2013

Get Tuned Up for the Year

It's January. The start of a new year. Ideal time for making sure your forklifts are in good working order.

All forklift types require maintenance to function safely & at peak performance. Fuel system, brakes, lift operation…when was the last time you had those checked?

Cromer Material Handling has a Major Internal Service Special going on right now. We run a series of checks (over 100), tune-ups, and (if necessary) repairs.

Reasons to Conduct Annual Maintenance

What does your forklift get out of maintenance?
  • Improved Performance
  • Meeting Safety Regulations
  • Reliable Brakes (good thing to have)
  • A longer lifespan for doing its work
Just like your car, a forklift works better when you maintain it.

Not only are there benefits to regular maintenance, there are risks if you DON’T have it done:
  • Un-maintained forklifts overheat & fail.
  • Un-maintained forklifts have sluggish performance.
  • Un-maintained forklifts are susceptible to wheel slippage.
  • Un-maintained forklifts are at risk of failing safety inspections.
Every single Cromer forklift goes through our maintenance, so we can avoid all of these problems!

What’s Involved in Our Maintenance Service

Our Major Internal Service Special inspects over 100 check points on both IC and electric forklifts. Some of those points include:

IC Forklifts: Lubrication, Gas Lines, Tires, Cooling System, Brakes, Hydraulic Oil, Mast Chain & Fork, Ignition System

Electric Forklifts: Electrical System, Brakes, Cooling System, Tires, Wiring, Mast Chain & Fork

When Was Your Last Forklift Maintenance Done?

If you aren’t sure, it’s definitely maintenance time.

Our Maintenance Special is only $1399.99, and INCLUDES a 2-day IC forklift rental – FREE! Yes, we give you a loaner while your forklift is tuned up.

Or, if you want to try out new 80-volt electrics…we’ll rent you an electric forklift at the discount rate of $50/day!

Call us at 800-974-5438 to schedule your maintenance appointment.