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May 30, 2014

Happy Cromer Customer: Blaisdell's Business Products

Blaisdell's Business Products is an Oakland supplier of business products. You can order office supplies, ink or toner, furniture, janitorial equipment, coffee and more from their website,

Margee Witt from BlaisDells came to us for a new forklift. They move a lot of inventory each week; they need plenty of moving power to do it! We sold them a new CAT IC cushion-tire truck to get them around the warehouse nice & smooth.

As you can see, Margee really likes it!

Margee on her new CAT Forklift

She & Michael Witt were kind enough to send us a thank-you note too:
"Just wanted to thank you for the great deal on the forklift. We really appreciate all your help!"

Head to if you're in the Bay Area and need regular office supplies or other business products.