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Jul 27, 2018

How to Spare the Air During Harvest: Rent a Green Forklift!

Every summer the Cromer rental fleet shrinks to almost zero. Our seasonal customers (including several North Bay vineyards) rent extra forklifts, bin dumpers, and other equipment to complete Harvest. I'm always glad to see it…it means my customers are doing well.

This year, we have a rare opportunity for Harvest customers. 6 of them, to be exact.

Six BYD electric forklifts will be up for rental by the time you read this.

BYD ECB20 Electric Forklift

I've had people tell me they thought BYDs are only suitable for indoor warehouse work.

But that isn't true. Not only can BYDs handle outdoor work, but by renting one of these, you may actually improve Harvest working conditions. As well as the environment.

How? Because of fumes.

Cleaner Air: Hidden Benefit of an Electric Forklift Rental

Harvest is almost upon us. I know several customers have already prepared their teams. It will be hot work out there. Summer sun, repetitive work, equipment noise…and the fumes. Add fumes from forklift operation and you've got a recipe for miserable working conditions.

We're all professionals; I don't expect anyone will slack on the job. But the conditions can wear on even the best worker. If we can make the conditions better, even a little, everyone benefits.

No Cromer forklift will ever leave our facility without the lowest emissions rating we can give it. But LPG forklifts have to burn the LPG to function, which releases fumes.

A fully-electric "green" forklift like a BYD eliminates all fumes. Replacing an LPG forklift with an electric helps keep the air clear. Cleaner air, better environment, healthier workers.

6 Green Forklifts, Going Fast

I didn't expect to have these BYD electrics available for summer. Since we do, I'm making you aware first. As a newsletter subscriber, you deserve first crack at renting one of these forklifts. Or all 6 if you need them!

To rent a BYD electric forklift for Harvest, call our main office at 800-974-5438.

Until next month!

Marshall Cromer, The Forklift Boss
Cromer Material Handling

Deal of the Month

Clark Forklift Deal of the Month4 CLARK LPG FORKLIFTS – $12,900 to $16,900

For the July Deal of the Month, we have not one, but four Clark LPG forklifts.

These are Clark C25Cs. Years range from 2011 to 2014. They are all 83/189 Triple Mast with side shift. 5,000# capacity. One model has less than 3,000 hours on it.

The C25C is a versatile, easy-to-operate forklift. As you can see from the photo, these models are cleaned up, serviced, and ready to go to work.

Price on these forklifts ranges from only $12,900 to $16,900. You won't find these on or eLiftruck. These are exclusive to "News from the Forklift Boss" subscribers.

To buy one of these 4 Clark C25Cs, call Cromer at 800.974.5438 and ask for the July Deal of the Month.