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Nov 26, 2019

Introducing the "Auto Mall of Forklifts" – The All-New

Here at Cromer, we have something to be thankful for—an all-new website!

Take a look at the new

All-New Cromer Website

A Bigger, Stronger Website for a Bigger, Stronger Company

Why rebuild our website? Well, a lot has happened since we published our award-winning website back in 2012.

  1. Cromer has more than doubled in size, from less than 60 employees to over 150 now.
  2. We've acquired 2 other forklift businesses.
  3. We've increased our market coverage, now covering Northern and Central California. (Watch out SoCal, you're next!)
  4. Our mobile viewership has gone way up!

I wanted people to know that Cromer is their one-stop forklift shop. Like an auto mall does all things cars, we do all things material handling. New and Used Sales, Service, Parts, Forklift Training, and Rentals. All at your local Cromer.

We spent a lot of time simplifying the user experience so that you could get what you needed fast. We also used a new Content Management System that's more flexible than our old website's, so you'll find pages load faster now.

What's in the New

The all-new gives Cromer:

  • A contemporary, full-screen look & feel.
  • 100% mobile-friendly design. Any device, any browser, it adapts to you.
  • A unique marquee slide show, connected to the main navigation.
  • Simpler page layouts.
  • Fresh content to help to guide & inform.
  • New tools: order rentals, request a forklift quote, and even apply for financing (coming soon).

We preserved the last 90 Forklift Boss Blog posts, since they help customers understand what to order and how to work safely. They just have a new, easier-to-read layout.

The result? now stands as "The Auto Mall of Forklifts!"

Win a Gift Card – Join the Cromer Scavenger Hunt!

To celebrate the new website, we're running a scavenger hunt.

It's easy to participate. Just visit and look for the turkey:

The turkey is hidden on 3 pages across the website. When you find all three, email with the page names, and your contact details. We'll send the first 3 people to email us with the correct answers a Thanksgiving gift card:

  1. $250 – First Place
  2. $100 – Second Place
  3. $50 – Third Place

Please share your feedback too! We want to hear your thoughts on the new website.

Until next month!

Marshall Cromer, The Forklift Boss

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