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Jun 9, 2015

It's Time to Reorganize the Warehouse

We’re noticing a trend in our Allied division. A lot of pallet rack orders. Same with small-parts storage shelving.

Why now?

Now’s a great time for organizing the garage & the warehouse, actually. It makes sense for several reasons.

  1. Tax Season is over. Money held over to cover taxes is now freed up (hopefully!).
  2. The next fiscal quarter starts July 1. Active budgets either need to finish up, or businesses have new budgets going forward.
  3. Here in California, we’re right at Harvest Season. Successful growers may need extra space.
  4. Summer’s coming fast. The heat often means more automotive & industrial repair work.

All this explains why two customer types are organizing/reorganizing the most: warehouse storage and automotive garages.

The warehouses are redoing their layouts to increase capacity. Automotive dealers want to stock more parts for better turnaround times in their service departments.Applied-Drawer1

Getting Ready for Allied Orders

We at Cromer decided to help out our customers with all this reorganization. We’ve brought in extra stock of Cromer Allied products, from industrial shelving to warehouse rack.

All at the best price you’ll find anywhere in Northern California.

Need Help Reorganizing the Garage? We Do That Too.

Not only do we stock rack & shelving products, we’ll help you design your garage/warehouse layout.

One of the most frequent calls we’ve had this spring was, “Can you help me reorganize the garage?” Often it’s automotive dealers who call. Their mechanics work hard—but get into a rush, and end up piling parts & tools everywhere.

Solution? Call a Cromer technician for small-parts shelving and a storage layout design. Much cheaper than hunting for a warehouse to rent (more efficient too). More details are on our Warehouse Design page.

Better Organization Means Better Efficiency, Before the Rush Hits

Now is the best time to build out your storage capacity. Prices are lower, there’s time to design an optimized space, and you’ll have everything in place before the summer – and well before the holidays too!

See you next month!

Cromer Deal of the Month

NEW BOLTLESS SHELVING – 48x24 FOR $75boltless-june15

Here’s a sale price on some shelving, only for newsletter readers. Our popular boltless shelving at 24” x 48” is the May Deal of the Month. Only $75 per unit.

Every shelving unit is gray steel, with four particleboard shelves. Each shelf has a 500-pound capacity, for holding up the heavy boxes. Since they’re boltless, setup only takes a few minutes.

We’ve got plenty of these, so order as many as you need! Call Cromer at 800-974-5438 and ask for Chuck Davies, our VP of Allied. Or email Chuck at