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Jun 18, 2014

Local Forklift Distributor with a Global Reach

Cromer ships our material handling equipment where it's needed. Doesn't matter if it's an electric forklift staying here in the Bay Area, or an order of industrial shelving down to Southern California.

Our sales aren’t limited to California though. No, Cromer sells globally!

Recently we sold 2 new forklifts to a Bogota, Colombia sugar plant. The manager came out to Cromer's Oakland headquarters to survey our inventory. He liked the Clark models, particularly the electrics.

He decided on two Clark GEX30 80-volt indoor/outdoor electrics, plus a charger unit. Brand new and ready for work.

Here's a couple photos of us loading the forklifts for international shipment.

Clark GEX30 Electric

Clark Electric Forklift Going Overseas

Sending forklifts overseas is not a new experience for us. If that's where the customer needed his equipment…that's where we ship it. Delivering material handling equipment where it needs to go is what Cromer does.

Interested? Take a look at our New & Used section. No matter where you need it, we have equipment for you.