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Jan 25, 2024

Make Forklift Operation 10% Easier in 2024 – Use Guaranteed Maintenance

Where can anyone find a 10% improvement in today’s ease of operations? It’s possible. But it’s not by ignoring’s by modernizing it.

We at Cromer wanted to start the year by re-introducing a service many of our customers like, but some didn’t know about. It’s called “Guaranteed Maintenance.”

Guaranteed Maintenance - Saving You Time and Money on Forklift Service

Guaranteed Maintenance is Cromer’s full-service maintenance program. It covers all service & repair for a customer’s material handling equipment, for the equipment’s economic life.

The main advantage to this kind of program? Complete maintenance, for as many forklifts as you need - on one simple payment.

What Guaranteed Maintenance Covers

  • Planned Maintenance based on equipment use, for 1 forklift or 100. This always includes:
    • Oil & lube
    • System checks
    • Safety inspection
    • Operational inspection
    • Recycling & waste fees covered

  • Routine service calls, small to large

  • Emergency service (at your location, average response time of 1.5 hours)

  • Overhauls to major components (due to normal wear-and-tear) – engine, transmission, drive axle, steer axle, uprights, etc.

How Does Guaranteed Maintenance Make Things 10% Better?

  • It’s one line item. A flat, predictable cost per month, without having to manage multiple PO’s & invoices.

  • Cromer handles all service. We’ll contact you when it’s time to visit your facility for forklift service.
  • No service deductible to worry about.

  • Replacement equipment if/when needed (e.g., if it’s not practical or possible to quickly repair a disabled unit)

  • Bonus – Cromer gives all Guaranteed Maintenance customers 10% off their Operator Training to satisfy OSHA requirements.

Simplify Your Service Plan for 2024, and Save!

What’s the cost for Guaranteed Maintenance? For 1,000 hours/year on a 5-year contract with Cromer, your rate could be as low as $180/month!

This is current as of today—and rates do not change during the term of the agreement.

Customers who have Guaranteed Maintenance Agreements with us like its simplicity. It's one PO a month for all their forklift work, instead of POs for every forklift, every time it needs service. That’s all.

If a 10% operations improvement sounds like something you need for 2024, call your local Cromer.

Until next month!

-The Cromer Team
Cromer Material Handling

Deal of the Month

Save on Doosan Rebates!

2024 Doosan Rebates for Jan-Mar 2024

Start off 2024 with a big discount on Doosan forklifts! Doosan is offering a $1,000-2,000 rebate on several forklift classes.

  • $1,000 rebate on Class V Doosans
  • $2,000 rebate on Classes I, II, and IV Doosans

These rebates are available on new Doosan forklifts bought between January 31 to March 31.

For eligible models, call Cromer at 800.464.3225 and ask for the Doosan rebates!