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May 4, 2015

Now’s the Time to Reserve Your Forklift Rentals for Harvest Season

The drought continues to affect everyone living & working in California. We’re all doing what we can to conserve and use water wisely. Now, with Harvest Season approaching, it’s time for our farmers & vineyards to reap the results of their hard work.

Which means it’s time to start thinking about renting the necessary equipment.

Earlier this month we took our first rental reservation – 25 forklifts for cherry harvesting. That’s 25 fewer forklifts available, right out of the gate.

We continue to expand our rental fleet, of course. But there are only so many trucks available. We encourage all of you—if you do need extra material handling equipment for this year’s Harvest/Crush, call us right away to reserve it!

Harvest Rental Inventory & Our Recommendations

Our current rental fleet stands at over 200 forklifts. LPGs and electrics. Indoor, outdoor and indoor/outdoor. The average rental forklift’s age is only 2.5 years (the newest you’ll find for any Northern California rental, by the way).

This year, we recommend customers consider renting 80-volt indoor/outdoor electric forklifts. Why?

  1. Longevity. We’ve mentioned before that an electric forklift runs for 2 shifts on 1 battery charge. You save money on fuel, and get more productive time out of each truck.
  2. Clean. Since they’re electrics, they don’t burn fuel. No smoke hovering over your already drought-stricken fields.
  3. The Right Tires. These forklifts use tires which grip well on dry soil. Keeps your operators safe.

Not to worry, we have plenty of LPG forklifts in our rental fleet too. As well as attachments like rotators (with hold-downs), bin dumpers, specialty forks & load handlers. Attachments come from these manufacturers:

bolzoni126 BOLZONI - Clamps, Pallet Handlers
cascade125 CASCADE - Clamps, Push/Pulls
liftmaster124 MALAVAK/LIFT MASTER - Gate Controls, Dumpers
rightline128 RIGHTLINE - Forks, Load Handlers

How to Reserve a Rental Forklift or Handling Equipment for Harvest

For all of Northern California: Please call Kathy in our Oakland headquarters at 800-974-5438 (or 510-534-6566 locally). She will help you reserve what you need.

Each Cromer facility has its own stock of rentals. However, we coordinate rentals through Oakland so we can deliver the right forklift to the right job site. No matter where it’s stored.

Due to the high demand, we prefer a 3-month minimum rental period.

Remember: Our rental fleet is always reserved well before Harvest Season start. Now is the time to make your reservations.

See you next month!

Cromer Deal of the Month



We have four Jungheinrich EJE120 electric walkie pallet trucks coming off the rental fleet. They have been inspected, tuned up & are ready for warehouse work.

Each walkie jack has a 4,500lb capacity. They’re easy to move and have great stability. The EJE120s are especially good at loading/unloading inventory from trailers.

Need one? Call Cromer at 800-974-5438 and ask for the EJE120s on sale. They won’t last long at this price!