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Jun 29, 2017

Product Deep Dive: The Jungheinrich EJE 120 Electric Pallet Jack

Today we’re taking a more detailed look at one of our favorite products—Jungheinrich’s EJE 120 pallet jack.

Sometimes a colleague or customer says to me, “All electric pallet jacks are the same.” Then I say, “You’ve never tried out the EJE 120, have you?”

After a brief demo, they often end up ordering on the spot!


This month’s News from the Forklift Boss will examine the EJE 120 through a pallet jack’s two most important roles: Production and Safety. If you haven’t used one of these, you’re in for a big surprise.

Pallet Jack Safety

A pallet jack, manual or electric, is one of the simplest material handling tools. Place product on it, convey product to its destination, and unload.

And yet, jacks still pose a high safety risk if used improperly. Look at this list of OSHA accidents. Pallet jacks appear multiple times:

  • Employee's Leg Is Fractured By Pallet Jack
  • Employee Fractures Hip While Operating Pallet Jack
  • Employee's Toes Amputated After Pallet Jack Collision

Most of the time, serious injuries like these occur when the jack is overloaded, or employees are not paying attention when pulling the jack. We’ve found you can eliminate such risks with good safety training and by switching to electric pallet jacks.

But here’s the thing. Among pallet jacks—even electrics—you have low-quality and high-quality products. The EJE 120 pretty much defines “high-quality.”

A low-quality jack is:

  • Easy to tip over/pull over
  • Hard to turn
  • Responsive to accidental button taps which can send the pallet jack surging forward
  • Short-lived—the batteries last 1 shift at best
  • Equipped with a short handle, which puts the jack close to the operator’s heels

A high-quality jack is:

  • Prevented from shaking or tipping by stability casters
  • Balanced on the bottom with heavier forks
  • Easy to turn
  • Long-lasting—solid industrial batteries that go 2 shifts
  • Equipped with a long handle, putting the jack a safer distance away from the operator’s heels

See the differences for yourself. I did a video comparing a Crown electric jack to the Jungheinrich EJE 120. The Crown kept rocking and fighting me. The Jungheinrich did exactly what I needed it to.

Pallet Jack Production

Nobody has time to fuss with a pallet jack. Every operator needs their pallet jack to ‘just work’ every time. Electric pallet jacks help make this happen. But in terms of production, not all electrics are created equal.

Ease of Use

As I demonstrated in the YouTube video, the EJE 120 glides exactly where I steer it. When I stop, it stops.

Shift Length

Have you heard of Jungheinrich's "2 Shifts 1 Charge" Guarantee? The manufacturer guarantees a large group of its products—including the EJE 120—will operate for 2 shifts on 1 battery charge. Some of our customers report getting 3 shifts on one battery. Plus, the battery comes with a 3-year warranty.

Turn Radius

Your pallet jack’s turn radius is an important factor in stacking, especially when shipping. A standard trailer is 96” wide. Pallets in North America vary from 36” to 48” in width. If you want to stack two rows in a trailer, you are fighting for inches.

Each time you load a pallet, the jack must turn to position it. The closer you can get the jack, the better. Even 2 inches in turn radius makes a huge difference.

Most electric pallet jacks have a 22-23" head length. But the EJE 120 has a 19.4" head length. That gives it the tightest turn radius in the industry.

Why We Love the EJE 120: Safe, Reliable, Easy to Use

Jungheinrich makes its material handling products in Germany, not China. The home of BMW and Mercedes. So when I say the EJE 120 is the BMW of pallet jacks, you can believe it!

Do you use other electric pallet jacks? Throw those out. The EJE 120s do everything we need them to, and keep us safe at the same time.

Never tried the Jungheinrich EJE 120? Cromer will provide a free demo for any of our customers. Just call us. No time limit.

Until next month!

Marshall Cromer, The Forklift Boss
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