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Jan 30, 2019

Replace Your Worn Forklift Tires Now, Before Prices Rise in 2019

Tariffs, government shutdowns, changes in trade law…these things all have the same effect. Higher prices on material handling products.

We're there now. I'm talking with forklift tire manufacturers who tell me that they must raise prices early this year.

We do have a selection of tires in stock now that remain at the same price. Unfortunately, when we make a new order, we will have to increase tire prices. We anticipate this order coming in mid-Spring.

This means you get one last shot at lower tire prices right now.

Worn Forklift Tire

It's a Good Time to Replace Older/Worn Forklift Tires

Now is a good time to replace forklift tires anyway. The holidays are over. Schedules for 2019 are still taking shape.

There's just enough flexibility in our workdays to perform important maintenance. Which includes replacing any forklift tires that look worn out.

Tires are always a huge safety issue. If a tire shows signs of wear, it's best to replace it before it fails and causes a terrible accident.

According to OSHA, the most common cause of forklift accidents is lack of training. After that, accidents come about from forklifts overturning the most. Half the time, that happens when a tire blows out. I've had it happen myself.

Safety—YOUR safety—is our biggest concern at Cromer.

"But I'd have to bring my forklifts to a Cromer branch for tire replacement. I can't have them out of action that long." No problem! With our mobile tire press, we cut forklift time off the floor down to the absolute minimum.

We come to your workplace and take care of tire replacement on-site. Each operator has time to grab a coffee, and then it's back to work on fresh tires. All you have to do is call your local Cromer branch and ask for the Mobile Tire Truck.

Selecting the Best Tires: Do I Use Cushion or Solid Pneumatic?

Our Forklift Tires page has a quick-reference guide for selecting the proper tires. If it's been a little while since you last replaced any tires, this guide will help you identify the best type of tire to order.

I asked my Service Managers to review tire stock before sending this newsletter. All Service Managers reported that they have good stores of all tire types. We even have tires for new BYD electrics and Doosan LPGs in stock.

Forklift Tire Prices Must Rise Soon. Stock Up Before They Do and Save!

To order forklift tires from Cromer, visit our Request a Quote page and select "Forklift Parts" in the category list. Or call 800-974-5438 and ask for your nearest Cromer branch.

One final note: Forklift tires do fall under Section 179 tax savings, as 'Industrial Equipment.' Make sure to save your receipts for next year's filings.

We knew the tariffs would affect prices while they're in effect. Not to worry—Cromer still has your price.

Marshall Cromer, The Forklift Boss

Cromer Material Handling

Deal of the Month


The Cromer Tire Blitz starts early this year! From now until April 30, take 15% off forklift tire purchases.

All Cromer locations have tires in stock for your forklifts. Cushion tires, solid pneumatic, tires for LPG and for electrics…you'll find them all at Cromer.

To pick up your forklift tires, call Cromer at 800.974.5438 and ask for the Tire Blitz sale.