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Jun 26, 2018

High Speed Doors: Secret Weapons for Warehouse Productivity

How many times a day do you have to wait for warehouse loading doors to open or close?

You click the button, the door starts up with a loud rattle...and you wait. You wait and wait as the door trundles upward. Finally, you end up ducking under it in your rush to get on with the workday.

If you're in a high-activity or temperature-sensitive workplace, a slow-moving door clogs up everyone's productivity.

That's why we have high speed doors. Which is what we're talking about today.

What's a High Speed Door? What Does It Do?

A high speed door is just a loading door that opens & closes fast. Much faster than an everyday strip door.

Exterior Speed Door

Photos courtesy of Albany High Speed Doors.

Generally speaking, you can put a high speed door anywhere you have a normal strip door. Interior or exterior loading, protection doors, specialty doors, and more.

We've put in high speed doors for food distributors, vineyards, and warehouses in hot environments. In all those cases, using a high speed door helped the employees and the product inside.

What's the Value in Adding High Speed Doors?

  1. Productivity Improvement. A high speed door speeds up loading & unloading. Recapturing the time everyone has to waste on waiting for slow strip doors. 3 minutes per person, 20+ times a day, every day? You're getting back hours of productive time every week.
  2. Regulates Temperature. Now that summer's here, don't let all the cooler air escape the warehouse! Using a high speed door cuts down on cool air going out, and warmer air getting in.
  3. Keeps Clean Rooms Clean. High speed doors reduce exposure to outside contamination. If you have a clean room or sensitive materials (like certain foods).
  4. Security. Yes, a fast-closing door actually helps security! Think about this…the longer a door's open, the more time thieves have to get in & out. Unless someone's standing by the door the whole time, a thief has time to rob you (or worse). With a speed door, those 'windows of opportunity' vanish. Protecting your product & your employees.

Regain Wasted Time with a High Speed Door

Cold Storage Speed Door

It's easy to figure out if a high speed door would improve your facility. Look at any of your loading doors and ask yourself:

  • Does this door need to open more than 20 times a day?
  • Does this door protect temperature-sensitive products?
  • Does this door offer unauthorized personnel entry into our facility?

If you answer 'Yes' to more than one question, a high speed door will improve things. Install just one and watch the productivity rise!

Cromer carries & services the Albany brand of high speed doors. Albany doors are made in the USA and are one of the most durable doors on the market.

Until next month!

Marshall Cromer, The Forklift Boss
Cromer Material Handling

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