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Jan 5, 2017

Start 2017 off Right with These Material Handling Reminders

Another year’s gone by. It’s been a big year for Cromer...doubling in size and reach, with more customers than ever.

Now we’re taking stock, and planning for next year. That includes taking care of our rental fleet and current new/used forklift inventory. Things everyone should do regularly for best material handling performance.

We wanted to close out 2016 with some reminders. Simple things you, our customers, can do to help 2017 start off on the best foot possible.

Four Reminders for Starting 2017 off Right

  1. Schedule an electric forklift demo. Customers love seeing the new BYDs in action. They save on fuel and help the environment at the same time. We’re already taking 2017 appointments to demo the BYD trucks on-site. If you’re curious about BYD electrics, now’s the time to schedule a demo.
  2. Book your safety training. If you have workers whose safety training is up for renewal, a quick call is all you need. OSHA requires your forklift drivers receive safety training every two years. See our March 2016 newsletter for when and how to work safety training into your schedule.
  3. Check your maintenance books. Every forklift in your warehouse should start 2017 clean, maintained, and running in top shape. If one or more forklifts haven’t received maintenance in the past 3 (or 6) months, it’s time!
  4. Take a moment to thank your workers and your managers. It’s been a busy work year. We’ve seen customers put in loads of extra hours to make deadlines. Everyone deserves a thank you for their hard work.

Let’s All Have a Great 2017. Take Care of Your Equipment, and It Will Keep You Safe & Productive.

Start your 2017 off right. Take a little time now to schedule the things you need to, clean what needs cleaning, and prep your workforce for solid productivity.

From the Forklift Boss and everyone here at Cromer Material Handling—Happy Holidays!

Marshall Cromer, The Forklift Boss
Cromer Material Handling Deal of the Month


The Cromer End-of-Year Blowout continues! We still have a few forklifts that need clearing out.

You only have a few days left to take advantage of Section 179 tax savings. Make good use of 179 with the sale prices at Cromer!

The following equipment is still available. Call your local Cromer facility right away to pick them up.


Clark 2013 C25L Forklifts (5 available). Hours range from 2100 to 3900. LPS rated, 188 triple masts, side shift. ID# 5452-16, 5449-16, 5454-16, 5458-16, 5459-16. Available in Fresno, Oakland, and Bakersfield.

Sale Price: $15,500 each


Komatsu 2008 FG25ST-16 Forklift. 3200 hours, 188 triple masts, side shift. ID# F054-08. Available in Fresno.

Sale Price: $9,800


Mitsubishi 2009 FB18NT Forklift. 4000 hours, 188 triple masts, side shift. ID# 4035-16. Available in Fresno.

Sale Price: $14,000


Komatsu 1996 FG25T-11 Forklift. 7386 hours, 188 triple masts, side shift. ID# 5182-16. Available in Bakersfied.

Sale Price: $5,500


Clark 2012 C18C Forklift. 1730 hours, 188 triple masts, side shift. ID# 5444-16. Available in Bakersfield.

Sale Price: $14,200

To get your end-of-year deal, call Cromer at 800-974-5438 and ask for the End-of-Year Blowout.