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Apr 27, 2017

Time to Reserve Your Summer Rentals!

Reserve your Forklifts and Bin Dumpers Now, or They’ll Be Gone by Summer

Every year in April, I have a note on my calendar. It reminds me of one simple thing.

“Summer’s coming up. Get the rental equipment ready!”

Not just the forklifts. Our rental customers also need balers, extra pallet jacks…and bin dumpers.

In the past we’ve talked about rental forklifts. This year, let’s talk rental bin dumpers. It’s important to know all your equipment before you start on something as high-traffic as Summer Harvest.

Bin Dumper 101

A bin dumper mounts to the front of a forklift, allowing it to pick up and manipulate bins. Forklift operators use bin dumpers to move product bins from collection site, into and around the warehouse.

When properly installed and operated, bin dumpers make the forklift driver’s job much simpler. They only have to focus on loading and unloading bins.

Dueling Forklifts with Bin Dumpers

When it comes to our summer rentals, bin dumpers are a regular rental for these two industries:

  • Wineries – Harvesting grapes for crush
  • Produce – Harvesting produce for nationwide distribution

I’ve been out to several Napa Valley customer sites. It’s amazing to watch them harvesting. The bins fill up in no time, the operators take them back for dumping, and are out again. Everyone’s working together like a well-oiled machine.

Which is why I make sure all the forklifts they rent are well-oiled machines, too!

Bin Dumper Inspection & Maintenance

All rented bin dumpers arrive ready for work, but like forklifts, it’s always good to inspect them before use.

We recommend doing a quick daily inspection. Check these elements on and around a bin dumper before you start for the day:

  1. Check the bolts. Make sure none are loose or missing.
  2. Check the forklift & bin dumper hoses for wear, damage, or hydraulic leaks.
  3. Check oil levels.
  4. Inspect the top and front bin retainers. You should see no damage and proper alignment with the forklift. If not, call Cromer to adjust the bin dumper.

Bin dumper not responding? If any of our rental bin dumpers fails, Cromer service techs come out and fix it. If we can’t fix it on-site, we’ll swap it out right there. If the failure is due to faulty equipment, we pay for the swap.

How to Reserve Bin Dumper (and Forklift) Rentals with Cromer

  1. Visit our Rentals page to select the equipment you’ll need this summer:
    Cromer Rentals List (Includes Rate Sheet)
  2. Call Cromer at 800-974-5438. Ask for the Rentals Department.
    If you prefer email, please use
  3. Tell us which items you want to rent, the number you need, the dates you need them, and the delivery location(s).
  4. We add you to the rental reservation list.
  5. On the scheduled delivery date, you receive your rentals on-site and start work.

Our rental fleet stands at over 200 forklifts. The rental forklifts are all undergoing their preventative maintenance while you read this.

As of this newsletter, we have 35 bin dumpers available for rent. You can rent them independently, or with a forklift. (Please note: We do not rent bins.)

Summer rentals are always huge. If you need extra forklifts (and bin dumpers) for summer/fall, reserve them now or they'll be gone!

Until next month!

Marshall Cromer, The Forklift Boss
Cromer Material Handling Deal of the Month


3 CAT Electrics Deal of the MonthFor our April Deal of the Month, we have three CAT 48-volt electrics on sale. These are 2013 CAT EC30Ns, at 6,000-lb. capacity.

Each forklift has a three-stage 186” mast, with side shift. These have between 5,500-7,000 hours of use on them. We’ve performed all maintenance, conducted battery tests, and certified them ready for duty.

Pick up one of these for only $13,800 each. Includes charger. (Single Double Attachment is also available, for $2,200.)

Interested? Call Cromer at 800-974-5438 and ask for the April Deal of the Month.