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Mar 21, 2017

Two-Minute Video Tour of the BYD Electric Forklift

Take a 2-minute tour of the BYD forklift with The Forklift Boss.

We've put together a new video showcasing BYD. It's up on YouTube now.

You'll also find it on the Cromer Videos page, in the top bar.

Watch me ride around on a BYD electric, show you how it charges up, where the batteries are, and point out some of its safety features. Had a great time filming it.

BYD forklifts challenge the status quo. They've created a whole new standard of what operators should expect from an electric forklift. Up to an 18-hour run time on one charge, recharging in 60-90 minutes, with no heat from the batteries and no gassing risk?

It's too great to ignore.

At Cromer, we're already committed to the BYDs. But if you need any more convincing, check out the warranties on every BYD purchase:

  • Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery: 10 year warranty. 100% Green, 100% Safe.
  • Charger/Motors: 5 year/10,000 hour warranty.
  • Lift Truck: 3 year/6000 hr warranty, complete.

Don't forget, we're offering demos for you to try out a BYD forklift too. Contact your nearest Cromer facility and ask for one. As you see in the video, they're lots of fun to drive!