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Sep 6, 2016

What’s So Great about the BYD Forklift Batteries?

In June we talked about the BYD forklifts. Since then we’ve had several customers look at the BYD trucks. More of our staff have taken turns operating them.

By far the most questions we get are about the forklift’s battery. So we’re answering them in this month’s newsletter. Let’s dive in.

The Big Deal about the BYD Battery: Huge Power Potential and Fast Recharging

Previously, we claimed that BYD forklifts will go for 2-3 shifts before needing a recharge.

Want some evidence to back it up? Take a look at this photo:


The photo shows a BYD forklift’s console. Its battery life is at 48%. Hours worked already: 9.

Normal 36- or 48-volt batteries only last 6-8 hours. The BYD battery’s still got plenty of charge after 9 hours’ work!

During a demo, a Cromer customer went over to a BYD forklift as the battery was charging. He felt it for heat, and smelled it for gas. He found no heat and no gassing.

It’s the iron phosphate. Essentially, the BYD batteries are giant cellphone batteries. They don’t heat up or off-gas.

The customer also found out just how fast the BYD batteries recharge. Normally a “wet cell” battery will take 6-9 hours to recharge, whether it’s 36-volt, 48-volt, or 80-volt. BYD batteries go from 0 to Full in 60-90 minutes!

I don’t need to explain just how big of a help that is in the material handling world.

How Much Time Does a BYD Battery Save Your Workers?

Think about this. You’ve got 30 electric forklifts running in your warehouse. At the end of their shift, the batteries are almost dead. Another shift’s starting soon. You have two options.

  1. Swap out a new battery, or
  2. Do a “fast charge” on the existing batteries.

If you swap out new batteries, you need to buy 30 more batteries at $8-12,000 a pop. Plus it’ll take a lot of time to perform the swap.

How much? Let’s say it takes 15 minutes per forklift.

15 minutes X 1-2 workers doing the swap X 30 trucks X 5 days =
7.5 man-hours to 15 man-hours per week

That’s how much.

The “fast charge” will save you lots of man-hours. But those chargers end up cooking your forklift batteries. You’ll only get 3 years or so out of them before they burn out.

Meanwhile, BYD gives you a 10-year warranty on every battery. And you don’t need to swap or “fast charge” them.

How Much Productivity Could You Gain with BYD Trucks?

We have several customers demoing BYD trucks right now. Each are looking at 30-40 trucks per order. BYD got their attention.

What really makes these so revolutionary is the new battery. If BYDs had a regular lead-acid battery, it would be just another forklift. Handling is very similar to a typical electric. BYD trucks have the same type of full-suspension seat as a Jungheinrich. (They do have lumbar support included standard though. That’s normally an optional extra with other brands.)

This is arguably the biggest advance in material handling in the past 20 years. We’ve had some nice trucks, and small improvements in battery life or handling made since the 90s. But BYD’s changing the whole game.

Until next month!

Marshall Cromer, The Forklift Boss
Cromer Material Handling Deal of the Month


eje120whiteFor September’s Deal of the Month, we’re going back to one of our old friends: the Jungheinrich EJE 120.

This electric pallet jack is great for loading & unloading trailers. The 3-phase AC motor makes hauling pallets around fast & easy.

I really like the regenerative braking feature. Our customers report that it increases the daily use time on this jack, which makes work go smoothly.

We normally sell the EJE 120 for $4,650. But this month, we’re dropping the price to only $4,250. You won’t find an electric pallet jack for a better price.

To order a Jungheinrich EJE 120, call Cromer at 800-974-5438 and ask for the September Deal of the Month. We do have several in stock, but they’ll sell fast!