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Mar 6, 2017

What the Electric Forklift Means for Long-Term Productivity

BYD Makes a Great Case to Switch to Electrics & “Power Up” Your Operations

“I only buy CAT.”
“We’ve used Doosan for years.”

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard lines like these. I understand them—changing your forklift brand is a tough choice! You probably don’t have time to find out if a new brand will keep up with your workday. If one brand worked for you in the past, you’d naturally want to stick with it.

But when it comes to electric forklifts, change is absolutely worth it.

Why? That’s what we’re talking about today. The newest electric forklifts, particularly from BYD, give us all a reason to say, “Change is good!”

At Cromer, we’re putting a lot of our efforts behind promoting and servicing BYD electrics. I see a great future for the BYD forklift, and for every business that uses them.

Let me explain.

The “Power Up” Behind BYD – What You Gain By Switching

Zero Explosion Risk. We all heard the news about Samsung phones blowing up. While the BYD batteries are essentially giant cellphone batteries, they don’t carry an explosion risk. I saw BYD’s testing procedure—they basically throw the batteries in a furnace!

No Need to Replace the Batteries Yourself. The BYD battery is rated to last 10 years. Plus the company gives you a 10-year warranty. You can sell or trade in the forklift after 10 years, and never once need to swap out the battery!

Company with a Solid Foundation. BYD is the #1 electric bus maker in the world. Berkshire Hathaway (Warren Buffet’s company) owns a 10% stake. They currently have $15B in revenue. The company will be around for a long time, supporting and improving their equipment.

Environmentally-Friendly. Electric forklift batteries are efficient and long-lasting…but you couldn’t call too many “green.” They’re full of hazardous chemicals and potentially-toxic metals.

Not BYD batteries though. As I mentioned in “What’s So Great about the BYD Forklift Batteries?” they’re made of iron phosphate. No chemicals at all. Which means they need no special disposal procedure. These batteries are so environmentally friendly you can just toss a dead battery in a dumpster.

Many Products to Spur Growth. Take a look at this:


That’s a giant solar farm in Brussels, Belgium (currently in development). One of several BYD is working on all over the world. Huge, isn’t it?

BYD has also built huge energy storage facilities in Chicago and West Virginia. All the innovation that goes into stuff like this, also ends up in every BYD forklift.

Huge Battery Production. BYD made 10 gigawatt-hours’ worth of batteries in 2015. By 2020, they’re forecasting 34 gigawatt-hours. That’s the power equivalent of 17 Hoover Dams.

Not bad for a company that started out making cellphone batteries, huh?

BYD Forklift in Use
This man is NOT wearing a hard hat. Where’s his supervisor?!

The Forklift Future is Electric

I talk about BYD a lot because I like what I see in their forklifts. It’s worth the time to check them out. Afterward, you might say, “Change is good!” too.

If you want to see what I see, schedule a demo with your local Cromer facility. Try out a BYD electric for yourself.

(If you do want a demo, please let us know as soon as possible. Our BYD demo truck is pretty popular!

Until next month!

Marshall Cromer, The Forklift Boss
Cromer Material Handling Deal of the Month


For our February Deal of the Month, we’re offering this 2008 Mitsubishi FG40K forklift. It’s an LPG truck, with an 8,000-lb capacity and three-stage mast.

The tires are in great shape. Here’s the kicker: It only has 141 hours on it. (You read that right. 141.)

With so few hours on it and such a high capacity, you might think it’s really expensive. Nope. We’re offering it for only $26,950.

Interested? To pick up this Mitsubishi, call Cromer at 800-974-5438 and ask for the February Deal of the Month.