Cromer Supplies the Fresno Area with New & Used Forklifts

Formerly Gray Lift, the Cromer Fresno location opened in 1957. That’s 67 years of service in the Central Valley, supplying forklifts to Fresno’s movers and shakers.

Deal on Forklift Sales for Fresno Businesses — See Below!

Contact Information

Cromer Fresno
6131 South Lincoln Court
Fresno, California 93725

Monday-Friday, 8am-4:30pm
PHONE: 559.268.6621
TOLL FREE: 800.464.3225

Primary Contact:

Doug Perez
General Manager
559.268.6621 ext 4812


The right product for the right job!

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New and Used Forklift Sales for Fresno ‘Movers & Shakers’

Call us for:

  • New/used forklifts you can buy today & put to work tomorrow.
  • Deals on forklifts of all classes you won’t find elsewhere.
  • Flexible payment & credit options for every sale.

The Cromer Fresno inventory includes:

  • 100+ used equipment items for sale
  • 50+ new equipment items for sale
  • 186 equipment items for rent (forklifts and attachments), if a rental fits your budget right now

Buy the right forklift (new or used) for the job.

The Hub for Warehouse Systems

Cromer Fresno is the home base for Warehouse Systems, your full-service partner for warehouse supply/design/storage.

What does that mean for you? It means turnkey warehouse build-outs – Cromer focuses on warehouse setup & equipment roll-out. Saving you all the planning & coordination time.

Our goal is to make your job (at least) 10% easier!

More Cromer Solutions for Fresno Material Handling


Keep your forklifts up & running with local parts

Parts List


Get the equipment you need fast, from our rental inventory of forklifts and attachments

Rental Inventory Details


Full service team for all forklift types, including a master electrician on staff

Forklift Maintenance Options

Visit Your Local Cromer at 6131 South Lincoln Court Today!

Call: 559.268.6621