Industrial Dock & Door

New Doors For Sale, Maintenance for Your Doors, Both at Your Local Cromer

The busiest part of your warehouse are its docks. Keeping them in perfect working order means safe workers and satisfied orders. Stuck doors or damaged dock plates hurt productivity and compromise worker safety.

When it's time for dock & door service or replacement, call your local Cromer. Our Warehouse Systems division performs all dock and door service, throughout California and Nevada:

  • Installation of New Industrial Doors and Warehouse Docks
  • Service & Repair for Your Doors, Docks, Balers, Compactors, and other Warehouse Systems
  • Preventative Maintenance


Every dock has many components involved in its operation. Plates, ramps, bumpers, seals, etc. Even dock lights play a big role in the day-to-day.

When those components wear out, it's time to call Cromer. Our Warehouse Systems division stocks all the dock equipment you'll need. From steel plates to dock lights, dock levelers and seals, Warehouse Systems has everything covered.

One call is all it takes to source dock equipment, and have it installed. Cromer technicians are ready to help.

Warehouse Doors: Speed Doors, Bug Doors, and More

Need new industrial doors for your warehouse? The Cromer team has you covered. Whether you use roll-up doors, high-speed doors, manual or electric, call Cromer and we’ll take care of it.

Speed Doors

Bug Doors

Speed Doors

A speed door is a door that opens & closes faster than normal strip doors. Using speed doors helps you regulate warehouse temperature, speed up loading/unloading times, and reduces exposure to outside contaminants. They're usable in exterior or interior doorways, in a number of industrial applications.

Cromer carries & services the Albany brand of high-speed doors. Albany doors are made in the USA and are one of the most durable doors on the market.

Bug Doors

Bug Doors

Eliminate pests and keep your workers cool at the same time! Warehouse bug doors help you meet FDA requirements for keeping out bugs, birds, and vermin. They also increase airflow by 35%, helping workers stay cool & productive all summer long.

Cromer’s Warehouse Systems division installs & services 2 types of warehouse bug doors: Manual and High Cycle (electric). Install typically takes us less than 1 day.

Dock Maintenance: Service & Repair

Docks and doors need service like all other warehouse systems. When employees report problems, call us for service & repair. Our service techs have over 50 years of experience servicing docks and doors of all types.

With on-site repair and planned maintenance service, your workers can get back to work fast. Our fully-equipped Mobile Repair Vans bring trained technicians, tools, welders, lubricants, and parts to your facility.

Cromer's Dock & Door Maintenance Service includes:

  • Dock Cleaning
  • Safety Inspections
  • Door Lubrication
  • Seal Repair/Replacements
  • Leveler Service
  • Door Replacements/Upgrades
  • And much more!