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Aug 3, 2015

Cromer's 2015 Forklift Maintenance Guide

When’s the best time to do maintenance? Right before something breaks down. But, since nobody knows exactly when that will happen, it’s best to do maintenance on a regular schedule.

We’ve written many articles on forklift maintenance over the past couple years. To save you time, I’ve gathered them all up into a quick “maintenance guide.” Everything from knowing when to replace your forklifts’ tires, to when to replace the forklift!

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  • How and When to Replace Forklift Tires Safely Forklift tires incorporate a method for telling you when it’s time to replace them. This article explains those methods for both cushion tires and solid pneumatics. We also list out the replacement process, so you’ll know exactly what needs to happen for a safe tire replacement.
  • How and When to Replace Electric Forklift Batteries recycledlift Are your forklifts’ batteries dying? Use the reference list in this article to make the call. When it’s time to replace them, we have a process (fully documented) to make it quick and easy. We even do the replacements on-site!
  • Signs a Forklift is Ready for Retirement Like any piece of machinery, forklifts eventually reach the end of their usable life. Watch out for these 5 signs – downtime and work orders, for example. We also give some reminders on the dangers of pushing a dying forklift too hard.
  • What to Do with a Forklift at its End-of-Life When you’ve determined that a forklift is a danger to keep using, it’s time to retire it. You may not know—but you can recycle a forklift! In this article we show how we recycle end-of-life forklifts, and some good reasons for the recycling.
  • Why Won't My Forklift Start? - Common Causes of Forklift Failure A forklift can fail for many reasons. We list the 4 most common in this article, such as hydraulic leaks. How do you avoid failures? Check your trucks! We wrote out several quick checks you can make to help prevent forklift failures.
  • Choosing the Right Forklift Tire One of our first newsletter articles! What are the differences between a cushion tire and a pneumatic tire? What are the two types of compound tire? When should you use a smooth tread tire (even if the manufacturer ships with a traction tread)? The answers are all here.
  • Reminder: Keep All Your Forklifts Up to CARB Code CARB established air quality standards for California. Your trucks must meet CARB emissions standards while operating. Here’s how to tell if your trucks are up to CARB Code…and what happens when they aren’t.
  • Facts About Propane The important details on propane – different fuel varieties, how to tell if a propane tank is leaking, what an OPD is, where to safely store propane tanks, and more.
  • Get Tuned Up for the Year All forklifts need maintenance. Without it you risk your daily operations and equipment (not to mention worker safety!). This is a reminder on what’s involved in regular forklift maintenance, and what our technicians will service when you bring forklifts to Cromer.

Summer’s winding down soon. For some of us, the coming months will be the busiest time of the year. Now’s the time to get your forklifts and industrial equipment serviced. If you don’t have it on the schedule yet, give us a call and we’ll get it done!

See you next month!

Marshall Cromer, The Forklift Boss
Cromer Material Handling

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  • It takes only 2 hours to charge. Two shifts per charge.
  • It has a 6000lb or 8000lb capacity. The production is the same as (or better than) an LPG truck.
  • The lithium battery has a 10-year warranty. Plus, you don't have to recycle the batteries - they're perfectly safe to throw away!

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